introduction message Saturday, Oct 11 2008 

this is from the founding member and sole proprietor of sovereigntech and administrator of this weblog or blog and it is my absolute and great pleasure as the founding member and sole proprietor of SOVEREIGNTECH THE Guillaume M. INITIATIVE to finally and officially launch this blog as the official weblog of sovereigntech – the Guillaume M. initiative yes my first and very own personal initiative as a first step to start somewhere in my journey toward creating many more personal business enterprise in the near future i officially take the opportunity since this is an introductory message also to launch this blog to welcome any and everyone who might visits this blog both in short and long term future and wish them all a pleasant visits on this blog you are all absolutely welcome and just to inform this is gone be the blog where any information concerning SovereignTech- the Guillaume M. initiative is all gone be found in so if anyone need any info on this initiative anything and everything and more is all gone be on this blog    


Hello world! Thursday, Oct 2 2008 

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